Paul Jennings

Preloved, Secondhand Books, written by Paul Jennings

Secondhand books recently sold, by Paul Jennings

The following preloved books by Paul Jennings have found their new forever-reader! Huzzuh!
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Book Sold
Deadly! (Paperback)

All Six Books in One
Unreal! (Paperback)
Unseen (Paperback)
Unbelievable! (Paperback)
The Many Adventures of Singenpoo (Paperback)
Quirky Tails (Paperback)
Unmentionable (Paperback)
The Paw Thing (Paperback)

# 1 in Singenpoo
Round the Twist (Paperback)
Singenpoo Shoots Through (Paperback)

# 3 in Singenpoo
The Gizmo Again (Paperback)

# 2 in Gizmo
Singenpoo Strikes Again (Paperback)

# 2 in Singenpoo
Uncollected: Volume Three (Paperback)
Rascal at the Show (Paperback)

# 5 in Rascal the Dragon
Rascal and the Cheese (Paperback)

# 6 in Rascal the Dragon
Rascal Takes Off (Paperback)

# 4 in Rascal the Dragon
Rascal The Dragon (Paperback)

# 1 in Rascal the Dragon
Wicked! Part One: The Slobberers (Paperback)

# 1 in Wicked!
Wicked! Part Three: Croaked (Paperback)

# 3 in Wicked!
The Cabbage Patch Pong (Paperback)

# 3 in The Cabbage Patch Fib
Rascal’s Trick (Paperback)

# 3 in Rascal the Dragon
Rascal in Trouble (Paperback)

# 2 in Rascal the Dragon
Rascal and Little Flora (Paperback)

# 7 in Rascal the Dragon
The Spitting Rat (Paperback)
Sink the Gizmo ()

# 4 in Gizmo
The Cabbage Patch Fib (Paperback)

# 1 in The Cabbage Patch Fib
Uncollected: Volume One (Paperback)

Undone! (Paperback)

Uncollected: Volume Two (Paperback)

Duck for Cover (Hard cover)
Spooner Or Later (Hard cover)
Uncanny! (Paperback)