Second Hand Book Donations

Does Preloved Book Shop accept book donations?

As we often receive questions regarding book donations, we’ve put together some helpful information.

Donating books to our secondhand bookstore holds a multitude of benefits, from giving your cherished books a new life with avid readers to supporting sustainable practices by reducing waste. Your generosity not only extends the lifespan of these stories but also helps build a vibrant community of book lovers.

Q: Can I donate books to Preloved Book Shop?

A: Absolutely! Preloved Book Shop appreciates your generosity. Donating books to second-hand bookstores like ours comes with several benefits:

Give New Life: Your donated books will find new readers and loving homes, extending their lifespan and sharing the joy of reading with others.

Support Sustainable Practices: Donating books promotes eco-friendly practices by reducing waste and the need for new book production.

Community Building: Your contributions help build a sense of community, where knowledge and stories are shared among fellow book lovers.

Q: Do you accept other items like CDs, DVDs, board games, or videos?

A: Currently, our primary focus is on books. While we do have a limited selection of DVDs that we’ve been able to verify as high quality, we’re not equipped to handle other items like CDs, board games, or videos. We appreciate your understanding.

Q: How can I contribute my books to Preloved Book Shop?

A: The process depends on your location!

If you’re in Abbotsford: If you reside in Abbotsford or nearby areas, please complete our contact form. We’ll coordinate with you via email to schedule a convenient drop-off time.

For those located elsewhere in Australia: While we gladly accept donations from all over Australia, we kindly request that you reach out via our contact form first. We’ll need to verify the quality and subject matter of the books. To get started, simply send us a message through our contact form, and we’ll guide you on how to provide photos of the books you wish to donate.

Your generosity in helping books find new loving homes is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting Preloved Book Shop!