The Melodic World: Second-Hand Music Books


Immerse yourself in the harmonious realm of music with our exceptional collection of second-hand music books, dedicated to this captivating art form.

From biographies of renowned composers to guides for aspiring musicians, our inventory offers a symphony of knowledge and inspiration. Join us on this melodic journey as we highlight a few enchanting titles from our extensive selection.

A Selection of our second-hand books about Music:

  1. “Edvard Grieg: Boy of the Northland” by Sybil Deucher & Mary Greenwalt: Discover the life and music of the legendary composer Edvard Grieg in this captivating biography. Follow Grieg’s journey from the Northland to his remarkable contributions to the world of music. ($40.00)
  2. “The Story of Peter Tchaikovsky” by Opal Wheeler & Christine Price: Step into the world of the great Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky, as Opal Wheeler and Christine Price paint a vivid portrait of his life and musical genius. Uncover the joys and struggles behind the melodies. ($40.00)
  3. “Mozart: Letters and Manuscripts” by Gilles Cantagrel: Delve into the personal correspondence and manuscripts of the prodigious composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Gain insights into his creative process and the inner workings of his musical mind. ($25.00)
  4. “U2 by U2” by Neil McCormick: Embark on an intimate journey with one of the most iconic bands of our time. “U2 by U2” takes you behind the scenes, revealing the stories, inspirations, and experiences that have shaped U2’s groundbreaking music. ($20.00)
  5. “The Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of Guitar Heroes” by Rusty Cutchin: Unleash your inner guitar aficionado with this visually stunning exploration of guitar legends. From Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton, dive into the lives and techniques of these legendary musicians. ($25.00)

Whether you’re a dedicated musician, a passionate music enthusiast, or simply curious about the power of melodies, our second-hand music books offer a gateway to a symphony of knowledge and inspiration.

Let the captivating melodies and insightful narratives transport you to the heart of the music world.


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