Discover the Exciting World of Anh Do

Explore Australia through the eyes of Anh Do and his bestselling book series


Ahn Do is a talented Australian author and comedian, known for his hilarious storytelling and relatable characters. At Preloved Book Shop, we’re proud to offer a range of second-hand Anh Do books that capture the heart and soul of this wonderful Australian author.

One of his most popular series is the Ninja Kid series, which follows the adventures of a young boy who dreams of becoming a ninja. Titles include Ninja Kid 4: Amazing Ninja, Ninja Kid 5: Ninja Clones, and Ninja Giants!

We also have a great selection of WeirDo books, which feature the loveable character Weir and his hilarious hijinks. Check out WeirDo 2: Even Weirder!, WeirDo 12: Hopping Weird, WeirDo 13: Weirdomania!, and WeirDo: Vote Weirdo!

And for those looking for a touching and inspiring memoir, we have Anh Do’s The Happiest Refugee. This book tells the story of Do’s family’s escape from war-torn Vietnam and their journey to Australia.

Explore the exciting world of Anh Do and experience Australia in a whole new way.


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