Competition: Win the Complete Twilight Book Series and Explore Your Creativity!


Let’s journey back in time to a memorable chapter in my life when I had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing individual, Luise, hailing from Germany, at the time the Twilight books were popular.

While I was immersed in web development, Luise was crafting captivating content for our projects. It was an intriguing period marked by a bizarre work environment.

Onwards to the heart of the matter – there’s an opportunity for you to win these books by joining in.
Hear me out.

Luise, being an accomplished writer with ambitious visions, had quite the lineup of Plans. Among them was a humorous book titled “I Wrote This to Get into the Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car” (yes, that’s a bit of a throwback!). She also had a delightful concept involving vampires living in constant peril, thanks to the Twilight Saga. In this whimsical take, these vampires were forever evading curious folks eager to witness them sparkle in daylight, only to see them disintegrate into dust. Her description was much more amusing, and I wholeheartedly contributed my Twilight Saga collection to her imaginative endeavour. Needless to say, I was eagerly anticipating HER book.

Here’s the crux: possessing this set doesn’t mean you’re a Twilight enthusiast or endorse the happenings within its pages. These books hold potential beyond the narrative. They can serve as resources for research projects, undergo creative transformations into eye-catching art projects (think 5 Minute Crafts), or be preserved for a possible Twilight Renaissance down the line.

We’re excited to gift this lot to someone who can put them to good use.

The competition is now closed! Thanks to those who took part 🙂

Let’s sparkle (😅) your creativity with the Twilight collection!

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