Come and Join Us for Open Warehouse Wednesdays!

Discover the Charm of Preloved Book Shop's Open Warehouse Wednesdays in Melbourne

Sorry! Open Warehouse Wednesdays are now closed. We thank everyone for their patronage!

At Preloved Book Shop, we have been operating as an online-only store for a couple of years now, helping thousands of truly amazing books find their forever homes all over Australia (and a couple around the world!). We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering something completely different – Open Warehouse Wednesdays!

Open Warehouse Wednesdays is a unique opportunity to browse our warehouse, which is located in Abbotsford, Melbourne. You can find rare treats before they’re listed on the website for the whole world to see and snap up. We know that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a hidden gem among the stacks of books, and we want to share that experience with our valued customers.

To make sure that we can provide the best experience possible, we require visits to be scheduled. This way, we can ensure that someone is available to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.

We’ve been running Open Warehouse Wednesdays for about six months now, and it’s been a great success. Our customers have loved being able to browse our shelves and boxes in person and find unique books that they might not have seen online. We’re passionate about sharing our love of books and creating a space where book lovers can connect and discover new treasures.

So if you’re a book lover in Melbourne, come and join us for Open Warehouse Wednesdays! To schedule, simply fill out our Open Warehouse Wednesday booking form, and we’ll coordinate your visit.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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