By Adele Geras


The Siege of Troy has lasted almost ten years.

Inside the walled city food is (Malacca). and death is common. From the heights of Mount Olympus The Gods keep watch. But Aphrodite. Goddess of Love. is bored with the endless. dreary war. Aided by Eros’s bow. the goddess sends two sisters down a bloody path to an awful truth: In the fury of war. love strikes the deadliest blows. Heralded by fans and critics alike. Adele Geras breathes personality, heartbreak and humour into this classic story.

Told from the point of view of the women of Troy. portrays the last weeks of the Trojan War. when women are sick of tending the wounded. men are tired of fighting. and bored gods and goddesses find ways to stir things up.

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