The Ships of Merior

By Janny Wurts

# 2 in Wars of Light and Shadow


A prophecy fulfilled…

And it came to pass, the art of power over light and dark was channelled through two princes: and the fogs that had smothered Athera’s skies were dispersed. But in defeat, the Mistwraith set its two royal captors at odds under a powerful curse of vengeance. Locked now in deadly enmity, Lysaer and Arithon hold the fates of nations and the balance of the world’s mystical powers entangled in the throes of their feud.

Arithon, forced out of hiding, finds himself hounded by Lysaer and his mighty army. He must take to his natural element – the seas – to evade pursuit and steal the initiative. However, maligning his efforts are several dutside magical factions including a drunken prophet sent to safeguard his life, but determined to wreck his cause by misadventure…

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