The Oxford Dictionary of Art

Edited By Ian Chilvers & Harold Osborne & Dennis Farr


Whether you are interested in Junk Art or Byzantine Art, the Ash Can School or the Antipodeans, Praxiteles and Phidias or Gilbert and George, The Oxford Dictionary of Art is the first place to turn for accurate information about artists, schools, periods, techniques, critical terms, major museums, art historians, philosophers, and much much more.

Compiled from three highly acclaimed Oxford Companions–The Oxford Companion to Art, to Twentieth Century Art , and to the Decorative Arts –and with hundreds of new entries added, this authoritative, one volume reference offers over three thousand entries on almost every aspect of Western art, as well as the most essential features of Asian art.

Here you will find the answer to almost any question pertaining to the world of art. In what museum is Parmigianino’s Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror exhibited today? Who coined the term “happening”? What are colour field painting, hard edge painting, and op art, who are the most representative artists of these schools, and what are their best works? How does camaieu differ from grisaille? What is the most richly endowed museum in the world? The Revised Edition features expanded coverage of twentieth-century art, with new entries on graffiti art, David Hockney, New Realism, the Pompidou Centre, and much more. There is also a new chronology of major works set in historical perspective, and a marvellous directory of museums and galleries around the world, including fax, e-mail, and website addresses. As a further aid, the Dictionary offers an extensive system of cross references, guiding readers to a wealth of additional information on almost any topic of interest.

Covering the entire history of art, this wide ranging and up-to-date guide is an indispensable reference for scholars, for students, and for art enthusiasts of every kind. It is also a browser’s delight, filled with fascinating facts about the personalities who people the world of art.

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