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Victorian and Edwardian Poets: Tennyson to Yeats

Edited By WH Auden & Norman Holmes Pearson


Comprehensive volume covering the Victorian and Edwardian Poets from Tennyson to Yeats. A wonderful paperback in the series of volumes on English poetry.

This fifth volume of Poets of the English Language brings together the most representative poets of two latter-day groups. In style and craftsmanship the poetry of the last half of the nineteenth century and first part of the twentieth extended, developed, and refined the discoveries of the early Romantics. The period is incomparably rich in variety of stanzas, newly contrived or revived from the past, and in metrical invention, from classical meters to sprung rhythm to dithyrambic free verse; it is also rich in individual styles, such as the Tennyson idyll, the Browning dramatic monologue, the Patmore ode. Individual freedom and variety indeed signalise this poetic era, and open the way for the even more experimental freedoms of contemporary poetry.

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