The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace

By Dalai Lama XIV


“Tomorrow or the next life, you never know which will come first.”

Bringing us closer to the essence of Buddhist teachings, and to his own peerless insight, His Holiness the Dalai Lama offers his thoughts on achieving a meaningful life and peaceful death. At the heart of his eloquent presentation is this lesson: by cultivating compassion, wisdom and positive thought in action – in short, by living a good life – we can approach death without fear or regret, and welcome our passage and rebirth. Offering gentle direction to further illuminate that path, His Holiness provides straightforward practices and traditional Buddhist teachings on embracing our gift of human potential, on the acceptance of death and impermanence, and on the achievement of joy, peace and spiritual fulfilment in this lifetime.

The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace is the third volume in the landmark Library of Tibet series, which was founded to preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of Tibet. The volumes of the Library will cover Tibetan history and culture, from meditation practices to social history. Volume Editor Donald S. Lopez is Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies at the University of Michigan. John F. Avedon, General Series Editor of the Library, is the author of In Exile from the Land of Snows, the definitive history of modern Tibet.

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