Teaching Principles and Practice

By Peter G Cole


TEACHING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE by Peter Cole and Lorna Chan is about how to teach.

Relevant for all subjects at all levels, including pre-school, primary, secondary and technical colleges, it offers specific guidelines about how to succeed as a teacher in the classroom, Among its many features the book offers:
• A comprehensive analysis of the teacher’s role, dealing in a non-technical manner with all major aspects of teaching.
* A comprehensive set of principles that provide valuable guidelines for nine major teaching practices, based on practical classroom experience and recent research evidence. Teaching practices covered are: classroom communication, planning and preparation, explanation and demonstration, questioning, assigning work tasks, classroom management, motivation and reinforcement, feedback and correctives,
assessment and evaluation.
• A checklist based on each teaching practice to allow for evaluation of teacher effectiveness.
• Numerous examples drawn from a range of educational settings, levels and subject areas.

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