By Gabrielle Lord

# 4 in Gemma Lincoln


A nine-year-old boy witnesses the slaying of two of his family.

His eyes lock on those of the killer…until three shots tear into his body. PI Gemma Lincoln and her best friend detective Sergeant Angie McDonald are on the case—tracking down a cold-blooded killer and piecing together evidence that hints that the murderer may have been a cop. All the while Gemma is dealing with a runaway girl, searching for a missing young woman, and trying to deal with the biggest question of her life—will she keep her baby?

Gabrielle Lord draws on all her skills to weave a story that is bloody and unpredictable, yet at the same time personal, warm and very thoughtful. She stands alone as a writer who can bring together a brutal, complex crime plot with a very modern relationship story and make both threads thrilling and compelling.

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