Rumpole A La Carte

By John Mortimer

# 8 in Rumpole of the Bailey


Six new stories featuring that irrepressible pillar of the British legal system, Horace Rumpole.

Dirty deeds in a fashionable London diner send the Wordsworth-quoting, cigar-smoking Rumpole from Soapy Sam Ballard’s Chambers to the hallowed portals of the Old Bailey. There our Defender of the Faith encounters an array of old darlings, including Mr Justice ‘Ollie’ Oliphant, Mr ‘Injustice’ Graves and several more irksome judicial brethren. On one occasion he goes so far as to take up the case for the Prosecution, only to discover that old habits do indeed die hard.

Although Rumpole embarks on new legal territory, he is surrounded by familiar faces: She Who Must Be Obeyed, colleagues Claude and Phillida Erskine-Brown, and a cast of criminals and scoundrels, only some of whom are part of the dignified legal profession…

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