My Journey

By Jim Stynes & Warwick Green


‘If you let go of fear you can do anything – you can chase the things you really want to do and live the life you were born to live.’

Jim Stynes never took the easy road, on or off the field. He loved a challenge. He pushed himself, and worked hard to help others realise their potential.

In June 2009, Jim was diagnosed with cancer and given nine months to live. The diagnosis caught him by surprise – he was 43, healthy and fit – and he didn’t have time for illness. He was a busy father, husband, brother, mentor, businessman and president of Melbourne Football Club.

Knowing his odds weren’t good, Jim gave his all to trying to beat the disease. He embraced life, and made his journey public. His ability to use mind over matter, to never give in, to overcome pain, to believe in himself and his will to succeed gave him two extra years on the prognosis. He defied expectations time and time again.

Unflinching in its honesty, this is an extraordinary insight into a man who lived fearlessly, with a vision for how to achieve the best life possible. Jim Stynes’ legacy is an inspiring story about getting the most out of every single day, whatever you do.

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