A Rose for Ecclesiastes

By Roger Zelazny


Here are four great stories of wonder and adventure, beauty and danger in the stars, by today’s most exciting writer of science fiction. Introduction by Theodore Sturgeon.

THE STRANGEST MANHUNT IN INTERSTELLAR when the three mutated men known as The Furies searched across the galaxy for Victor Corgo, captain of the Wallaby, ex-hero of Interstel, now traitor to mankind.

THE PARTY THAT LASTED where the ultra-rich members of “The Set” revelled for a night, then slept for years, then partied again, and slept again…and all the while they traveled into a more and more alien future in which they were increasingly lost.

THE LEVIATHAN OF which had destroyed every Earth expedition sent to capture it…but still one man had to risk his life in a final desperate attempt.

THE LAST OF THE ANCIENT who was an awesomely lovely girl with a mission she could not fulfil…and a secret for the future…

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