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We understand the overwhelming feeling that can come with choosing a secondhand book. With countless preloved books out there waiting for a new home, it can be challenging to figure out which one is the perfect fit for you.

The process of selecting a book can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to simplify this process for you.

At Preloved Book Shop, we’ve developed a tool called “Find Your Perfect Book.” This tool has been designed to assist you in the selection process, ensuring that you find the book that resonates with you on a personal level. It’s not just about buying a book; it’s about finding a literary companion that speaks to your interests, preferences, and reading style.

Our goal is to make your journey to discover the ideal secondhand book not only more convenient but also more enjoyable. Whether you’re an avid reader or just beginning your reading adventure, our tool is here to help you find that perfect match among our extensive collection of preloved books. So, take the guesswork out of book hunting and let us guide you to your next literary treasure:

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The Chosen David Ireland

The Chosen

Now, she seems like a musical note which has escaped into the air that is the river of all music. At night he goes into..$8.00

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The Last Voyage Hammond Innes

The Last Voyage

This fictional journal reveals Cook’s innermost thoughts and doubts during his ill-fated final voyage, which ended violently during a native uprising in Hawaii.$7.00

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Mitsuaki Iwago's Kangaroos Mitsuaki Iwago

Mitsuaki Iwago’s Kangaroos

Shows the life of kangaroos in the wild, and describes kangaroo characteristics and behaviour.$10.00

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Indonesia Pietro Tarallo


Indonesia is a crossroads of peoples and religions, cultures and traditions, consisting of over 17,000 islands scattered along the equator. Here can be found emerald..$15.00

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The Big Footprints Hammond Innes

The Big Footprints

Decimated by drought and poacher’s bullets, the last of Africa’s majestic elephants face extinction. They are pursued by a “great white hunter” who relies on..$7.00

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Brands An International Review Interbrand Group

Brands: An International Review

The 1990s, according to THE ECONOMIST, is the decade of the brand, a reflection on the importance of brands and branding in today’s crowded and..$25.00

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Pioneer Women Of the Bush and Outback Jennifer Isaacs

Pioneer Women: Of the Bush and Outback

This book has chapters on: the first home; housekeeping; food; shopping long distance; childbirth, childhood & school; women’s work outside the home; outsiders (ie Cornish..$20.00

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Solomon's Seal Hammond Innes

Solomon’s Seal

A beautiful young heiress, Perenna Holland, falls on hard times. She enlists Roy Slingsby, estate agent and bon vivant, to sell the family manse. Once..$7.00

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Hans Coper Birks Tony

Hans Coper

A major book on Hans Coper; Published to coincide with the 1983 exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre. An illustrated biography of the potter by a..$25.00

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Animals Leon Gray, Gerard Cheshire, Christopher Mattison


Explore the most complex and intricate eco-systems of the natural world. This fantastic book covers the life cycles of some of our most rare and..$20.00

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The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 4 The Days of Perky Pat Philip K Dick

The Collected Stories of Philip K Dick, Volume 4: The Days of Perky Pat

Contents: – Introduction (December 1986) by James Tiptree, Jr. – Autofac (1955) – Service Call (1955) – Captive Market (1955) – The Mold of Yancy..$13.00

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Unlikely Loves 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom Jennifer S Holland

Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom

In her inspiring New York Times bestseller Unlikely Friendships, Jennifer Holland introduced us to the heartwarming relationships that exist between animals of different species. Her..$17.00

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Waxwings Jonathan Raban


Jonathan Raban’s powerful novel is set in Seattle at the height of its infatuation with the virtual. It’s a place that attracts immigrants. One of..$11.00

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Albert Namatjira Vincent Namatjira

Albert Namatjira

Award-winning artist Vincent Namatjira tells the life story of his great-grandfather, Albert Namatjira, one of Australia’s most iconic artists. Vincent’s witty and moving paintings are..$18.00

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The Observer Guide to British Cookery Jane Grigson

The Observer Guide to British Cookery

From all over the British Isles, Jane Grigson has sought out the regional specialities, the local ingredients and the traditional methods of preparation that makes..$22.00

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The Life of Mahatma Gandhi Louis Fischer

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Louis Fischer’s memorable biography of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who led the fight for Indian independence from British rule, is reissued in time for the..$9.00

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The World's Healthiest Food Anne Marshall

The World’s Healthiest Food

The World’s Healthiest Food is a triumphant culinary celebration of all that is healthy yet delicious to eat and beautiful to serve to your family,..$25.00

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The Kitchen Handbook Buying, Preparation, Cooking Reader's Digest

The Kitchen Handbook: Buying, Preparation, Cooking

THE KITCHEN HANDBOOK • 376 pages • 435 recipes • 890 illustrations in colour • 95 illustrations in black-and-white • Comprehensive cross-reference system • Glossary..$35.00

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Australasian Ingredients Loukie Werle

Australasian Ingredients

A well structured and highly informative reference book which identifies approximately 2000 ingredients by name and describes their composition and uses. This book will help..$30.00

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Perfect Cakes

Perfect Cakes

In this book we offer a broad range of tasty delights, designed for ease of preparation and positive results, to give you the satisfaction that..$15.00

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Home Style Chinese Cooking in Pictures Sumi Hatano

Home Style Chinese Cooking in Pictures

The difference between this and other Chinese cookbooks is that each recipe is clearly illustrated with step-by-step stages of preparation. An introduction illustrates, with diagrams,..$17.00

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The Fast Diet Recipe Book Mimi Spencer Sarah Schenker

The Fast Diet Recipe Book

FOLLOWING THE NO 1 BESTSELLING FAST DIET, this fabulous cookbook offers 150 carefully crafted, nutritious, low-calorie recipes to enable you to incorporate the 5:2 weight-loss..$25.00

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Homegrown Sprouts A Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious Step by Step Guide to Sprouting Year Round Rita Galchus

Homegrown Sprouts: A Fresh, Healthy, and Delicious Step-by-Step Guide to Sprouting Year Round

Sprouts are the ultimate in local food—harvested no further away than your kitchen counter, they are fresh, delicious, and versatile. Homegrown Sprouts is the complete..$18.00

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Healthy One Dish Cooking Reader's Digest

Healthy One-Dish Cooking

Nothing could be easier to prepare than a whole meal in just one dish. Here are more than 230 superb fuss-free recipes – each one..$35.00

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The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook Ross McDonald

The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook

This is a traditional Australian themed beautiful grilling recipes for a variety of savoury, sweet and entree foods. Fantastic addition to any serious Grill lover..$30.00

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The Rice Cookbook Anne Dettmer Victoria Lloyd Davies

The Rice Cookbook

The Rice Cookbook features over 80 recipes for using a multitude of rice types, such as long grain, basmati, risotto and pudding rices, among others...$18.00

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Salad Sensations Deliciously Different recipes from Around the World Christine Ingram

Salad Sensations: Deliciously Different recipes from Around the World

Not only are salads a great way to start a meal, but they can also be a substantial meal on their own. Simple starter recipes..$15.00

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The Country Cookbook Seasonal Jottings and Recipes Belinda Jeffery

The Country Cookbook: Seasonal Jottings and Recipes

Let The Country Cookbook transport you to a simpler place and time: a place where neighbours leave boxes of surplus vegetables on the doorstep, winter..$40.00

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Look & Cook Perfect Pasta Anne Willan Perfect Cookbooks

Look & Cook: Perfect Pasta

The ultimate step-by-step guide to mastering today’s cooking – with success every time!$18.00

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Look & Cook Main Dish Vegetables Anne Willan Perfect Cookbooks

Look & Cook: Main Dish Vegetables

Cook vegetables in all kinds of ways. From steaming to grilling, vegetables are made easily and deliciously.$18.00

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