You Can If You Think You Can

By Norman Vincent Peale


Millions have found confidence, and a life of strong faith and vitality, through Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking and Enthusiasm Makes the Difference.

You can if you think you can shows you the “perception principle”: how to discover your true self … that vital knowledge of inner power that gives you security and carries you over every obstacle.

You can if you think you can teaches know-how for successful performance.

Dr. Peale shows by actual example: how to cultivate the principle of calmness… how to solve a problem, in business or personal life, with means that are already inside your mind . .. how to build self-trust, “the first secret of success” … how to isolate and master the nameless, vague fears that may be plaguing you.

You can if you think you can gives you a nine-point programme to develop your inner motivation . .. ten ways to gather together and put your own inherent talents to work – a six-point method to conquer boredom and frustration, and much more.

Every page of this inspired yet down-to-earth book offers encouragement and specific methods for growing day by day to true personal strength. Its emphasis is on how to have faith in oneself; after all, Dr. Peale concludes, “you can if you think you can!’

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