Wizardology & Pirateology Gift Set

By Various




If you are unshakable in your desire to learn Wizardology then, in the absence of a wizard of flesh and blood, this book will offer you the assistance and encouragement you would receive at my hands were I standing before you as your master!


From the publishers of Dragonology, Egyptology, Wizardology comes Pirateology – the sea journal of Capt. William H. Lubber, Pirate Hunter who sets off to hunt down and capture Arabella Drummond, a viscious and intemperate pirate and find the stolen treasure. Included are superb illustrations, a treasure map, letters, information on pirates from around the world, their flags, weapons, customs and dress, booklets on nautical and piratical terms, pirate punishments, pouches of gold-dust, a compass flush on the cover with jewels and a treasure inside the back cover!

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