When the Ship Hits the Fan

By Rob Anderson


Captain Rob Anderson spills the beans on a lifetime of incidents, accidents and shenanigans of every type, in every ocean of the world, during an era when the seas were largely unregulated and more like the Wild West than anything witnessed on land.

Since he first went to sea at 15 Captain Rob has been a magnet for trouble but, somewhat preposterously, as matter, he has more often been the one responsible for keeping each enterprise afloat and picking up the pieces when the ships hit the fan.

Whether it’s stashing a headless body in the freezer, losing another body before a sea burial, accidentally sabotaging the annual Roebuck Bay Hotel Race in Broome, nearly losing his scrotum in a Japanese spa, or catapulting a mate off the roof of his truck when racing from the dock for last orders…it was all part of the job for Captain Rob. No wonder, when it eventually came time to ‘swallow the anchor’ he got as far inland as he practically could!

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