Vygotskian Approaches to Second Language Research

Edited By James P Lantolf & Gabriela Appel


In many ways, this edited volume can be read as a showcase for the state of affairs in SLA research. It exemplifies what makes current SLA work so energetic and vibrant, topically and methodologically innovative, insightful in its results, and intellectually and epistemologically expansive in its implications and significance beyond second language acquisition. – Applied Linguistics

This text brings together the work of scholars attempting to extend Vygotsky’s theory to second language research.

The papers included, are organised according to three of the major topics of interest in Vygotskian research: zone of proximal development, inner and private speech, and activity theory. All of the papers report on the results of empirical research carried on in these three areas. Readers will recognise the potential sociocultural theory and research has for developing a fuller understanding of L2 learning and use.

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