The Night is Large: Collected Essays, 1938-1995

By Martin Gardner


The seven-decade-long sweep of Martin Gardner’s career is one of the most extraordinary in the history of twentieth-century thought.

A gentle muse, Gardner began publishing articles on philosophy, literature, science, and mathematics in the late 1930s, while at the University of Chicago. He has since become one of America’s most prolific and accomplished writers, tackling seemingly unanswerable questions from quantum physics to the existence of God.

The fourty-seven essays in The Night Is Large have been culled by Gardner from the broad scope of his career, and form the most ambitious collection he has ever attempted. Ranging from philosophy to religion, mathematics to pseudoscience, these challenging, coruscating musings – each with a new introduction – represent Gardner at his skeptical best. His crowning achievement and a work of profound significance, The Night Is Large places Martin Gardner at the heart of American intellectual culture.

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