The Idea of Perfection

By Kate Grenville


Douglas Cheesman is 55 years old, and the kind of man you would definitely not look at twice.

But he can tell you more than you’ll ever want to know about bridges. Harley Savage, big and plain, is a thrice-married woman who freely admits that she bores easily. And Yuribee, a little rural town in NSW that used to think it had a big future, is a place desperately in need of Cultural Heritage.To attract much-needed tourist dollars, Yuribee must find some worthy pieces for its Heritage Museum–items just a little more inspired than crocheted toilet roll holders. The townspeople seem to think that rickety old Bent Bridge is part of this Cultural Heritage. But Douglas Cheesman is in Yuribee to tear it down, and it seems things are about to get complicated.Winner of the 2001 Orange Prize for Fiction.

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