The Hiram Key

By Robert Knight & Christopher Lomas

# 1 in The Hiram Key


Are scrolls containing the secret teachings of Jesus buried in Scotland?

The discovery that the most important incantation of Freemasonry is spoken in ancient Egyptian was the turning point of a six-year quest to find the lost roots of the Order. Chris Knight and Robert Lomas, both Freemasons, soon found themselves unravelling an extraordinary chain of events that started with the solving of a murder in ancient Thebes and concluded with the deciphering of a strange medieval building on a Scottish hilltop. Their astonishing bestseller The Hiram Key raises questions that challenge some of Western civilisation’s most cherished beliefs.

Do the Gospels of the New Testament describe Jesus, the last claimant to the kingship of the Jews, practising the king-making rituals of the ancient Egyptians?

Were scrolls bearing the secret teachings of Jesus buried beneath Herod’s Temple shortly before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD?

Did the Knights Templar, the forerunners of modern Freemasonry, excavate those scrolls in the twelfth century and then adopt the rituals they contained? And were these scrolls subsequently buried underneath a detailed reconstruction of Herod’s Temple, on a Scottish hilltop – where they are now awaiting re-excavation?

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