The Garden at Forest Hall

By Susan Irvine


The old house at Forest Hall was almost derelict; the garden beneath the blackberry could only be guessed at.

Besides, Susan Irvine already had a renowned garden, and she and Bill had no intention of shifting to Tasmania. So of course they bought it.

‘The Garden At Forest Hall’ is the story of a special place and a special island. Susan Irvine’s memoir is as personal and engrossing as the garden she builds. Rose lovers will appreciate the depth of knowledge Susan imparts with such casual grace. Garden lovers will be inspired by the garden design that unfolds in the atmospheric photography of Simon Griffiths. And story lovers everywhere will be captivated by Susan’s eye for the telling detail, the colourful character, the foibles of dogs and humans, the humorous incidents that make garden building – and life, – such a rich adventure.

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