The Brotherhood

By Alan Williams


Once you’re in, there’s no getting out…

Magnus Owen, a controversial journalist for The Paper, has never shied away from expressing his criticism of modern-day liberalism.

A former army man who was wounded in service, Magnus took refuge in hard spirits to cloud the pain of his recent divorce and general unhappiness.

During this period of loneliness, some people saw vulnerability – the opportune moment to strike and take advantage.

Colonel John Cane used flattery and mystery to lure Magnus into his circle of gentlemen, all determined to root out the poison of liberalism in society.

The Brotherhood operated in stealthy ‘set-ups’ to convict those they saw as guilty of this poison and purge the world of them forever.

Even if it meant prison sentences for the innocent, they were convinced of their own morality and truly believed they were working for the good of society.

Following his journalist’s curiosity, Magnus realises too late the nature circle he has found himself in.

Knowing too many of their secrets, Cane will not allow him to leave and Magnus quickly realises that his fanaticism will prove deadly.

But even this The Brotherhood does not realise that another cover organisation is operating against them.

An organisation personified in the beautiful and mysterious Maya.

When these forces clash, who will emerge the victor?

And which side will Magnus be on?

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