The Best of Best American Erotica 2008

Edited By Susie Bright


The best of the best. The hottest of the hot.

To mark its fifteenth anniversary, the top-selling erotica series achieves a scorching new climax with a special edition showcasing standout stories from the entire series as well as never before published pieces — plus interviews with the authors and, for the first time, a hot and edgy piece from Susie Bright herself.

In Susie Bright ‘s own contribution, ” Story of O Birthday Party,” she recounts her lover’s elaborately orchestrated birthday a re-creation of Pauline Réage’s classic S/M tale with Susie at the centre of the action. Joe Maynard enters a love/hate relationship with a two-million-dollar sex toy in “Fleshlight.” Greta Christina ‘s “Are We Having Sex Now or What?” asks the provocative question of what defines authentic sexual connection and experience.

Thoroughly electrifying — and thrillingly eclectic — the 2008 edition promises to open new doors with its exhilarating, equal-opportunity approach to erotic writing. Straight or gay, dominant or submissive, romantic or sadistic, Bright’s selections run the gamut — and push all the right buttons.

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