By Bernard Cornwell

# 4 in Thrillers


Tim Blackburn, a famous round-the-world yachtsman, must discover the fate of his impulsive, brilliant but wayward daughter, Nicole.

Nicole disappeared in the company of Caspar von Rellsteb, an environmental activist and leader of the Genesis Community. He and his followers believe that the planet can only be saved by ruthless force. Blackburn’s boat, STORMCHILD, will carry him halfway around the world to the harshest land and the fiercest seas on earth. There, in a tumult of weather and emotion, Blackburn the hunter becomes the hunted as he precipitates a terrifying confrontation with the evil he finds; with men and women whose motives have been eroded by exhaustion and perverted by fanaticism; with the daughter he had once known, and now has to find again.

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