Some of My Friends Have Tails: Stories From the Outback and Beyond

By Sara Henderson


From the phenomenal best-selling author, Sara Henderson, comes an entertaining book that will delight readers everywhere.

Sara Henderson’s love of animals was firmly established in her early years and continued throughout her life. In Some of My Friends Have Tails, she shares the tales of her many extraordinary relationships with animals. There is Rosa the goanna who swam in the family pool. Pye-Wacket the cat who grew up believing he was a dog. And Sundowner the poddy calf who loved eating the washing, 35 mm film, and sheet music off the piano.

But not all the characters in Sara’s life are four-legged. We meet the sixteen-year-old housekeeper who was smuggling drugs, and the Italian gardener who sang opera at dawn. And there are some familiar faces as well: Charlie, Uncle Dick, Max, and Marlee.

These stories range from the funny to the heartbreaking, from Sara’s earliest memories to the present day, and take place in many countries. Over the years, Sara Henderson touched the hearts of the thousands of Australians who heard her speak, read her books, and loved her stories.

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