Siberian Light

By Robin White


A man lies dead, sprawled in the bedroom of apartment #8. Rock music blares as two militiamen follow the bloody trail upstairs. . . and into the quick, cold slice of a razor-edged blade.

The victim was a criminal. But two honest cops were killed with him. Gregori Nowek, mayor of the small Siberian town, is ordered to investigate. Armed with only a few clues–a fragment of cloth, American bullets, an unidentified bone–Nowek is shocked when a prime suspect is named.

Dr. Anna Vereskaya came to Siberia to study the endangered tiger. Instead, she stumbled on the dangerous edge of a shocking conspiracy. Gregori Nowek wants to believe in her innocence–just as he wants to believe in justice for his lawless town. Searching for answers, Nowek is plunged into a terrifying race across the stark Siberian wilderness. Here, betrayal is everywhere. And here, a man, a woman, and a desperate, haunted land are joined together–as a staggering truth is uncovered on the world’s last frontier.

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