Serpent’s Reach

By CJ Cherryh

Alliance-Union Universe


The constellation of Hydri, also called the Serpent, became an undesirable destination during the era of humanity’s most prolific interstellar colonisation.

For Hydri was under strict quarantine because it harboured an intelligent and dangerous alien race, the insectoid majat. Yet human colonies predating the quarantine did exist in this sector of space, which they called Serpent’s Reach. Cut off from others of their own kind, they had their own inbred culture and special relationships with the alien majat.

Raen was the only survivor of the massacred Sul family, and she had made a pledge to devote her life to seeking vengeance for her slain clan. Her thirst for revenge would take her not only across the worlds of the Reach, but into the very centre of an alien webwork that knit the stars of the forbidden constellation into a complex of interbred alien hives that no outsider could hope to unravel, and where most of humanity dared not go.

Majat memory stretched back across the ages, to a time long before the Hives became known as Blue, Green, Red and Gold, to accommodate human beings’ limited perceptions. The majat had killed the first men to visit their world.

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