Red Dress Walking

By SA Jones


This is the story of an intimate circle of friends and one couple, Will and Emily, who are very much in love with each other.

Will is an engineer who succeeds through hard work and determination rather than innate ability. Emily is quiet and withdrawn, working for a publisher and asserting herself only when she explores her passions of literature and cooking. Unknown to Will or her friends, Emily keeps a secret journal of stories she believes are shared with her by marginal characters from her favourite novels.

These characters suddenly become increasingly real to her, and as the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur, Will, Emily, and their close circle of friends become caught up in one another’s lives in ways they never thought possible. Not long after a fourth anniversary dinner celebrating their relationship, Will is struggling to find a way to let Emily know that he wants to make a long-term commitment. He eventually stumbles upon a stunning red dress that he believes will show Emily just how much he loves and appreciates her individual style and personality, but despite his good intentions, the gift sets in motion a series of events that create a huge rift in their relationship. A thought-provoking novel of beauty, books, love, and desire, Red Dress Walking is a playful, clever, and sexy novel about men and women, the fierce friendships that women have, and what certain books mean to us.

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