Po Po Principle: Survival Guide to Office Politics

By Christopher Andersen


Nearly everyone at some point in their career fits the PO-PO Profile. PO-POs are junior and middle managers who get on with the job and leave the politics to others, in the mistaken belief that talent and ability will bring their own rewards.

Consequently they get Pissed On and Passed Over.

In the Utopian business world of the One Minute Manager, excellence is enough. But the corporate power game of the 80s is dominated by the manipulators, the strategists, the professional managers dedicated to the pursuit of power, and the salary, bonuses and stock options that go along with it. And to play the game – and win – you must know the rules.

This book cuts through all the corporate double-talk and gets down to the real business of business – office politics. Each of the DOs and DON’Ts is graphically illustrated by case histories as well as astute observations from the experts and from top managers of major companies. Once you have absorbed all the cunning ploys, gambits and strategies, and you start playing, you will soon pull yourself up from the PO-PO quagmire and be back on the fast track where you belong.

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