By Colin Thompson

# 2 in The Floods


The second book in The Floods series about a family of witches and wizards who might be living in your town.

Look through the cobwebbed, murky arched window in deepest Patagonia, and this is what you might see. Every day five of the Flood children travel halfway round the world to Quicklime College, the ultimate school for witches and wizards. There’s no time for silly games flying around on broomsticks. Sports day is coming up, and before you even wonder how four–legged Satanella copes with the three–legged race, here’s a secret for Orkward Warlock, the vilest child in the school, and his sidekick, The Toad, hate the big, happy Floods family. And they’re plotting to kill the Floodsβ€”on sports day.

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