Owls: The Silent Fliers

By RD Lawrence


For centuries, owls have held an extraordinary fascination for people. Since Roman times, they have both been persecuted as harbingers of death and treasured as the embodiment of good fortune.

Even today they are shot and trapped for sport or killed for the supposed curative powers of their eyes and feathers. It is a testament to the owl’s great intelligence and toughness that it has survived human contact at all.

Today, 19 species of owls can be found in North America and this magnificent book is a celebration of their survival. R.D. Lawrence’s engaging text, complemented with dozens of stunning colour images by America’s top wildlife photographers, explains how owls hunt, what they feed on, how they see in the dark and much more. Each chapter focuses on a different species, from the majestic great horned owl and the rare ferruginous pygmy owl to the strange looking barn owl.

These individual portraits include each bird’s vital statistics, along with range maps, information on their typical nesting and breeding patterns and detailed descriptions of their relationships with their family and environment. Lastly, owl-watching tips will inform every bird watcher.

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