My Brilliant Career

By Miles Franklin


A coming-of-age story set in the Australian bush, originally published in 1901.

Sybylla Melvin is a misfit. She barely endures the dreary life of dairy farming in a family that can hardly make ends meet. Out of the blue, she is invited to move back to the family property, Caddagat, to live with Grannie, Aunt Helen, and Uncle Jay Jay.

With a cast of interesting neighbours and friends, Sybylla finally seems to discover hope in the world. She is nourished by thoughtful conversation, books, and music. Harold Beecham’s love, however, throws her into indecision and painful tension. Will she be satisfied with following the well-trodden path of marriage – a path she perceives as demeaning and restrictive? And when she is abruptly sent away from Caddagat to help pay family debts, her “brilliant career” takes a disruptive turn.

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