Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook

By Louise L Hay
Edited By Glenn Kolb


This interactive workbook directly applies Louise Hays techniques of self-love and positive thinking to a wide range of topics that affect us all on a daily basis:

· Health
· Fears and Phobias
· Self-Esteem
· Money and Prosperity
· Friendship
· Addictive Behaviour,
· Work
· Intimacy…and more

Example self-inquiry questions
1. What do you want that you are not having? Be clear and specific about it.
2. What were the laws/rules in your home about deserving?
3. Do you feel that you deserve? What is the image that comes up?

“Workbook is such a strong word, and many of us feel that hard work is exactly what we must do in order to eradicate old, embedded thought patterns. I don’t believe that making inner changes has to be “work,” or difficult or painful either. I believe that it can be an adventure.

You are on a treasure hunt. Each old negative pattern that you discover is only something to be examined and released. Beneath each pattern is a storehouse of treasure within.

Be gentle with yourself as you embark on the exercises in this workbook. Every new choice you make is like planting a seed in your new mental garden.

Remember, every thought you think is creating your future. Each one of us creates our experiences by the thoughts we think and the words we speak.”

Life loves you and so do I,
Louise Hay

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