Glass After Glass

By Barbara Blackman


A vivid, generous delightful memoir of family, friends, writing, art, bohemia, blindness, poverty, prosperity and love of life from acclaimed poet and writer Barbara Blackman. Brightness and sunshine pour from every page of this book. The brightness of the spirit, informed by love and nourished by the enchantment of everyday life. It is a mad, beautiful book full of dreams and fancies and homely realities and idealism. When you have finished reading it you will be a happier person than you were before you began — The Canberra Times

First published in 1997, Glass after Glass was shortlisted for the Nita Kibble Literary Award the following year. Barbara Blackman is a poet and writer. She is a patron of the arts and has been actively involved in supporting the blind, including the formation of the National Federation of Blind Citizens. Seeing from Within, a documentary about her life, was released in 2017.

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