Frugavore: How to Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing & Eat Well

By Arabella Forge


More and more people are interested in eating well and in understanding where their food comes from. But where to start? Organic, free-range, local, sustainable: the choices can be overwhelming – and expensive.

In Frugavore, Arabella Forge shows that it needn’t be so difficult. She provides a hands-on, practical guide to a new way of living, proving that frugal eating can also be flavoursome and fun. Learn how to access quality produce straight from the source, rediscover forgotten cooking techniques, and create your own kitchen garden complete with compost heap and chicken coop. Find out how to stock your pantry wisely, shop for and cook with the most economical cuts of meat and fish, and discover the hidden food economy in your local area: farmers’ markets, community gardens, co-ops, clubs and farm-gate sales, all wonderful ways to save money on the healthiest, best-quality produce.

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