Federation: Australian Art and Society 1901-2001

Edited By John McDonald


This magnificent catalogue, published to accompany the National Gallery of Australia’s landmark exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of statehood, offers an opportunity to enjoy, through the visual arts, some of the fascinating stories of the nation, a visual history of its progress as a people, society, and nation.

While celebrating Australia’s indigenous heritage, it also recognises the contribution of people from all over the world who have settled there. The important and intriguing works seen here, along with the informative text, celebrate the depth and diversity of Australia, including its indigenous communities, multiculturalism, sporting heroes, youth, cities, and the bush. They offer many visual openings to the rich cultural landscape that exists in Australia and demonstrate significant movements within the development of the visual arts during the century.

Following an insightful and provocative introductory essay, “From Gallipoli to Homebush Bay,” by John McDonald, curator of the exhibition, the book is organised by chapters, each with its own The Land; Cities and Suburbs; Boom and Bust; Patriotic Duty; At Ease; Encounters; and Designing the Australian Experience.

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