Choosing Happiness: Life & Soul Essentials

By Stephanie Dowrick & Catherine Greer


The message of this book is very simple. Right now you can be happier.

“This book may be [Stephanie Dowrick’s] most accessible and useful so far, because it’s about changing the way we relate to other people so we can be happier. Most importantly, it’s about changing the way we relate to ourselves.” Canberra Times

“Choosing Happiness is a companion for the happy and not-so-happy times in your life when you need inspiration and comfort and a reminder of the fundamental essentials required to make a difference in how we experience our lives and how we affect the lives of others – remarkable book” Pink

“Speaks to a wide readership with intimacy, clarity and directness” The Australian

“Written with lightness and elegance…a modern bible for the soul.” The Age

“Profound and practical [from] Australia’s foremost self-help author … A beautiful book that distils ways to change how you think about yourself and others to live a happy life” Sunday Telegraph

“Fascinating book … opens the doors to greater self-knowledge, helps you recognise you can choose your responses to people and change your attitudes … every page offers incredible insights … If you crave to live your life in a more powerful, proactive and positive way, this is the book for you”” Health and Fitness (UK)

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