Children of the Thunder

By John Brunner


Science writer Peter Levin sensed a major story behind Claudia Moriss’s research into juvenile delinquency. For the American sociologist had uncovered a disturbing pattern of crimes that were unusual even in the rapidly deteriorating society of 1990s Britain.

David had made a fortune creating highly addictive designer drugs. Sheila, alone and unarmed, had killed a Marine commando. Roger, a boarding school student, ran a sex-ring that catered to the most depraved tastes. All of their offences went unpunished. And all of the criminals were barely fourteen years old.

As Claudia’s research turned up further cases, Peter realised they were on to much more than just a story. For these children were either the last hope for Mankind’s survival…or the beginning of the end of what it meant to be human.

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