Body Jamming – Sexual Harassment, Feminism and Public Life

By Jenna Mead


bodyjamming is the word for that sticky feeling you get in your stomach when you’re being sexually harassed.

bodyjamming is also what the media does to women on a daily basis: jamming their bodies into clichés well past their use-by date; ignoring the discrimination women face in the workplace every day; and jeopardising the progress women have made in the last two decades.

bodyjamming takes a lively, critical and sometimes humorous look at the moral panic and media hype generated by The First Stone. Now, for the first time, one of the complainants in the Ormond case describes how it felt to live in a storm of media disapproval.

bodyjamming reflects on the media’s dumbing down of Australian culture in the 1990s. With a range of different voices and opinions from well-respected commentators, bodyjamming deals up-front with the real issues of sexual harassment, feminism and women in public life.

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