Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets

By Philip Bamborough


Unlike many antiques that are collected, rugs and carpets are both functional and an integral part of interior decoration, thus being sought after both for their antique interest and for their aesthetic appeal.

Collecting rugs and carpets is influenced as much by personal taste as by rarity and collectability.The book introduces us to the fabulous world of Oriental rug. It takes us on a tour of the rug-making centres, showing how the traditional designs and colours have evolved and provides valuable advice on rug identification. Useful design and identification keys will help the reader with one of the recurring problems in rug collecting, that of attributing the rug to the right part of the world and to the right period.

64 pages of full colour photographs, enhanced by the large format of the book, display the beauty of the rugs and carpets covered.Philip Bamborough is an expert on Islamic art and culture. He has a natural flair for explaining the complexities of oriental and antique rugs in an interesting and informative way.

This book will be invaluable both to collectors and dealers and to those who wish simply to enjoy rugs and carpets through the printed page.

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