An Impartial Eye

By Pierre Boulle


Martial Gaur has been an ace war photographer, a past master at trapping the sensational with his camera.

But a wound in the Algerian war, and the resultant artificial leg, has blighted his career. Now he is reduced to studio portraits, mainly of cinema starlets – until there comes a final chance for glory.

Gaur has one close friend, Herst, the chief of the French President’s personal bodyguard, and a mistress, the mysterious Olga, thirty years his junior.

The indiscretions of the former, the desire for revenge of the latter, lead him, slowly at first but then with gathering momentum, towards what can be the biggest coup of his career.

What starts as a day dream becomes an obsession so that this normally patriotic man can contemplate calmly the assassination of his President if he can be there to take the picture.

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