A Pocketful of Penguins

By Molly Falla


Difficult though her penguins were to sketch and paint, Mrs Falla found their antics and posturing irresistible.

She brought all her patience and skill as an artist to the task of capturing the characteristics of each individual penguin. Now, in 25 full-colour paintings and sketches she shares with us her pleasure and sense of wonder at these temporary members of her family.

Fortunate the penguin that found its way into the Falla family. Molly Falla’s own early love of nature was nurtured and focussed after her marriage to the distinguished ornithologist, Dr R. A. Falla, formerly the director of New Zealand’s Dominion Museum. With their children, the Fallas rescued and cared for many kinds of birds. Of all of these the penguins of this book were perhaps the most unusual.

Readers will find much to smile over as well as to wonder at in this account. They will also come to share Molly Falla’s concern, beautifully expressed, for all living creatures in need of protection..

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