A New Grand Tour: How Europe’s Great Cities Made Our World

By Godfrey Hodgson


The great European cities that made our world…

Godfrey Hodgson’s New Grand Tour includes ten sketches of European cities, each of which has contributed something to the ferment, the still dangerous brew of European civilisation.

Each will have something, even if only a distinct and rich way of life of its own, to contribute in the future.

Each essay reflects upon what moves and intrigues the author about the history, literature, politics, past and future of the city and the flavour of its way of life.

Together they are intended to paint an original portrait of the old and the new Europe. “If you are in any doubt about where to spend your next long weekend, Godfrey Hodgson’s excellent New Grand Tour will give y several options … Each city is brought to life by a series of attractive vignettes set against its historical background … it made me want to revisit every one” – Charles FitzRoy in the Spectator

“Hodgson … has created a work of impressive research, which tells the stories of seven cities: London, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Prague and St Petersburg. He has an eye for the telling detail … Hodgson transmits a real enthusiasm for Europe’s collective urban greatness and fascination, its squalor and culture” – Edward Marriott in The Times

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