A Helping Hand

By Celia Dale


Josh and Maisie Evans are Good Samaritans and enjoy lending a helping hand to lonely elderly ladies.

Auntie Flo had lived with them for years until her death, leaving the Evans’s her Estate, such as it was. It is natural, therefore, when they meet Mrs Fingal on holiday in Rimini that Mrs Fingal comes to live with them and stays in Auntie Flo’s old room.

Mrs Fingal, a wealthy widow, finds the couple a refreshing change to her resentful niece and their understanding and sympathy to her situation, her loneliness and need for companionship, makes them the perfect people to look after her. Moving in with them is the ideal solution – one that is satisfactory to all parties.

Beneath the suburban net-curtained world of genteel respectability, however, lurks the much darker and chilling terror of greed and exploitation – deadly currents that are masked by polite conversation and cups of tea.

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