1001 Easy Italian Phrases

By Marco Natoli


The simple way to learn Italy’s most common words and sentences!

This easy-to-use phrasebook is completely up-to-date with Italian vocabulary terms for everything from technology to current slang. It covers common language used in everyday conversation and includes sections on grammar and pronunciation.

The perfect companion for tourists and business travellers in Italy and other places where Italian is spoken, this book offers fast, effective communication. More than 1,000 basic words, phrases, and sentences cover everything from asking directions and renting a car to ordering dinner and finding a bank.

Designed as a quick reference tool and an easy study guide, this inexpensive and easy-to-use book offers completely up-to-date terms for modern telecommunications, idioms, and slang . The contents are arranged for speedy access to phrases related to greetings, transportation, shopping, services, medical and emergency situations, and other essential items. A handy phonetic pronunciation guide accompanies each phrase.

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