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The Puppet Show

By Ursula Dubosarsky & Mitch Vane

Aussie Nibbles


Becky can’t wait to put on her puppet show. She’s even thought of a surprise ending!

One afternoon, when Becky was lying on the sofa with nothing to do, the telephone rang. Becky’s mother picked it up.

When she put it down, she said, ‘Guess what? Your cousin Wesley is coming over for a visit.’

Becky was excited. Her cousin Wesley was exactly the same age as Becky, except he was a boy.

‘Great!’ she said. ‘I’ll put on a puppet show for him!’ Becky loved puppet shows.

She looked around the living room. If she pushed the sofa forward, she could hide behind it and put her hands up with the puppets over them. They could bob up and down and it would be like a stage.

The sofa was heavy and made a big scraping sound on the floor when she pushed it. Becky’s little brother got a bit squashed underneath.

‘Move, Ed!’ shouted Becky.

Becky’s little brother started to cry. Becky’s mother took him out to the kitchen for a chocolate biscuit. Becky’s little brother could cry very loudly.

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